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We are out of Beta! That’s right, with all the depositions that have been successful using our product, and with some performance improvements that we were waiting to complete, we’re comfortable saying that our product is out of beta. In addition to that milestone, keep reading for more awesome features that we released for our paperless deposition software.

Clio Integration

We added our first complete document integration with Clio’s practice management system. Got documents in Clio that you want to use in your depositions? Loading them is as simple as selecting the documents you want to import and clicking a button. Don’t use Clio? Let us know which system you’d like us to integrate with next.

Import documents from Clio

New Document Format

The latest version includes a complete overhaul of the way we convert and store encrypted documents in our database. It will look the same to you, but instead of using large PNG images for each page, we’re using new HTML5 canvas technology, which should mean loading documents is much faster for you and deposition participants.

Single Page Viewer

As part of making performance better all around, we switched to a single-page document viewer. That way, no matter how large a document exhibit is, it will load super quick on every platform. Have a 5000 page, 100 MB document exhibit? No problem! We’ve got you covered!

More Intuitive Way to Add Documents

Did you know you could drag-and-drop an entire folder of document exhibits to load them? We don’t blame you. It was kind of a hidden feature, so we changed the user interface to make it more intuitive. Here’s a screenshot of what adding documents looks like now:


Internal Messages

In future versions, we’re going to transition away from transactional emails for less important messages to using our internal system message viewer. To prepare for that change, we’ve added a way to notify you when you login to AgileLaw.




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