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  • 5 things to avoid when selling to lawyers

    BYCyclone Covey0 commentsLegal hot topics

    During my time at AgileLaw, I’ve spoken to many vendors who sell to the legal industry and lawyers in particular. Many lament how hard it is to get face time with lawyers to demonstrate and sell their product. Sure, it’s hard to get in front of lawyers. Most of them bill by the hour (or […]

  • 10 legal apps you need now

    BYLindsey Day0 commentsParalegal news

    The wide selection of iOS and Android apps means there’s something for everyone. Today we’ve rounded up 10 of the top apps for legal professionals. Download these picks today to simplify your work life. 1. Burton’s Legal Thesaurus (iOS and Android) – A legal thesaurus can make light work of writing memos, drafting correspondence, and proofing legal […]

  • Paralegal salary – NALA’s 2015 compensation survey

    BYLindsey Day1 commentsParalegal news

    NALA, the National Association of Legal Assistants, just released its 2015 National Utilization/Compensation Survey of paralegals. Conducted every two years, the survey offers valuable insight into industry trends, including paralegal compensation, growing practice areas, and demographics of paralegals. This year’s survey offers important information for paralegals who want to improve their skills and advance their […]

  • Paralegal advice for how to stay-up-to-date on legal tech trends

    BYTonya Pierce0 commentsTechnology

    Staying ahead of the changes in the law has always been a challenge that paralegals have embraced. In fact, it’s part of our job and helps us better assist our attorneys in providing the best legal representation possible for clients. However, technology has changed how we do our jobs. The traditional roles of attorney, paralegal, […]

  • What every litigator should know about cloud security risks

    BYThomas Allen0 commentsSecurity

    This post on what every litigator needs to know about cloud security is the second in a series of blog posts designed to help demystify cloud security, translate technical buzzwords into language a lawyer can understand, and to answer questions that lawyers frequently ask us about cloud security. In my previous post, titled “Cloud Software […]

  • A Tale of Two Lawyers (Tech Savvy vs. Old School)

    BYTonya Pierce2 commentsHorror Stories

    I have had the opportunity (some might say advantage or disadvantage) of working with both a “Tech Savvy” lawyer and an “Old School” lawyer during my career. I must say that working for both attorneys was a completely unique and different experience and I learned a great deal working for both attorneys. Some may call […]

  • 2 Great Reasons Lawyers Should Embrace Videoconference Depositions

    BYCyclone Covey1 commentsDepositions

    8 hours of deposition, 18 hours of travel time. We’ve all done it. Buy a plane ticket, reserve a hotel and a car, and slog to conduct a deposition in a remote part of the country (or the world). An eight-hour deposition (or sometimes less) becomes a two or three day affair. You’ve probably had […]

  • Deposition Technology: A Comprehensive Overview

    BYSid Allen0 commentsDeposition Tips

    When looking at the flood of innovations coming to the legal industry, its easy to get confused about how all the products and solutions fit together and how they are actually better than the “old ways.” This list is meant to sort through a subset of legal technology, namely currently available deposition technology. While some […]

  • Cloud software for lawyers offers improved security

    BYThomas Allen0 commentsSecurity

    Why cloud software for lawyers offers improved security This post on cloud software for lawyers who are interested in learning more about security is the first in a series of blog posts designed to help demystify cloud security, translate technical buzzwords into language a lawyer can understand, and to answer questions that lawyers frequently ask […]

  • Software for Remote Depositions Cuts Costs

    BYSid Allen0 commentsDeposition Tips

    Software for remote depositions can dramatically decrease costs and improve the overall efficiency of the legal industry. The most obvious impact is on saving money: Software for Remote Depositions Saves Money Travel. Attorneys who conduct remote depositions can reduce or eliminate not only their own travel, but also the travel of clients or key witnesses. […]