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  • 5 Ways To Run More Effective Meetings with Clients

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    Depending on what area of law that your attorney practices, you may need to meet with clients frequently. Knowing how to run effective client meeting is an important skill that every paralegal should develop. Your client’s time is valuable and so is yours so learning how to control a client meeting and making it as […]

  • 8 Ways to Know if Your Law Firm has a Culture Problem

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    The culture of your law firm is as important to your paralegal career as it is to your job satisfaction. The attitudes and values of the attorneys have a direct impact on the reputation of the law firm and if the culture is toxic, working there could damage your career. As the saying goes, “You […]

  • 10 Ways To Be A Happier Paralegal

    BYTonya Pierce4 commentsParalegal news

    How can you be a happier paralegal at work? More money, better benefits, more time off, less work, more resources — the list is endless. I wish there was a formula for being a happier paralegal, but every job is different and every paralegal is a unique person. What makes one paralegal happier at the […]

  • 5 Strategies for Coping with a Horrible Boss

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    The first thing that comes to mind is find another job. That’s how I handled working for a horrible boss for over 13 years. It wasn’t always horrible, but it came to a point where it was past time to leave (I’ll save that for a another blog post). Working for a horrible boss doesn’t […]

  • How to Avoid Losing Your Temper at Work

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    As usual, I will be brutally honest about the things I have learned from my own experience even though it’s more than slightly embarrassing for me. I have a temper — to be able to admit that fact has taken me many years. I believe the fact that I’m no longer 20-something (we will not […]

  • 5 Most Important Paralegal Traits

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    Can we just choose five traits as the most important paralegal traits that you must possess to succeed in a paralegal career? In my opinion, the answer is “no.” The paralegal profession has grown and expanded over the last few decades to encompass so many different positions and roles that it would be impossible to […]

  • Is there a dress code for the modern paralegal?

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    Is there such a thing as a dress code for the modern paralegal?  When I graduated from paralegal school over two decades ago, we were told to go buy a nicely tailored navy blue and black suit. We were to pair these suits with a white dress shirt, pantyhose and closed-toe dress shoes with no […]

  • How to Resign from Your Paralegal Job Without Burning Bridges

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    This is definitely a very difficult question to address.  If you are generally happy with your current job but a better offer comes along, you probably feel a little sad about leaving.  This makes it much easier to leave your job without burning bridges. However, if you are miserable, frustrated, and angry, it makes it […]

  • Paralegal tips: My morning ritual

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    I realized early in my career that having a routine each morning made me more productive during the day. It became so important to me that I began arriving at work early just so that I could be alone to prepare for my day. On days when I was unable to follow my normal routine […]

  • 3 worst ways to break bad news to a client

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    Regardless of the type of law your law firm practices, you’ll occasionally be required to deliver bad news to a client. It’s never easy to give a client bad news (especially when you have no idea how they will react), but putting it off is never a wise choice. While you can’t change the circumstances, […]