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  • Is there a dress code for the modern paralegal?

    BYTonya Pierce2 commentsParalegal news

    Is there such a thing as a dress code for the modern paralegal?  When I graduated from paralegal school over two decades ago, we were told to go buy a nicely tailored navy blue and black suit. We were to pair these suits with a white dress shirt, pantyhose and closed-toe dress shoes with no […]

  • Paralegal tips: My morning ritual

    BYTonya Pierce2 commentsParalegal news

    I realized early in my career that having a routine each morning made me more productive during the day. It became so important to me that I began arriving at work early just so that I could be alone to prepare for my day. On days when I was unable to follow my normal routine […]

  • The 3 worst pieces of paralegal advice I’ve ever received

    BYTonya Pierce4 commentsParalegal news

    “Don’t be a paralegal! You’ll hate it – all attorneys are awful.”  I actually changed the last word of that sentence to keep this article G-rated. That pleasant piece of unsolicited advice is what I received from a family friend when I told a group of people I was enrolled to enter the paralegal program […]

  • Best ways to communicate based on personality types

    BYTonya Pierce1 commentsParalegal news

    In my last blog post, I discussed the Myers-Briggs personality test and how various personality types view the world. The theory is that each of the 16 unique personalities identified in the Myers-Briggs test make decisions in different ways, helping us to better understand motives and communication styles. In this post, I want to discuss […]

  • 5 things to avoid when selling to lawyers

    BYCyclone Covey0 commentsLegal hot topics

    During my time at AgileLaw, I’ve spoken to many vendors who sell to the legal industry and lawyers in particular. Many lament how hard it is to get face time with lawyers to demonstrate and sell their product. Sure, it’s hard to get in front of lawyers. Most of them bill by the hour (or […]

  • 10 ways you can re-purpose legal content

    BYTeresa Shaw2 commentsMarketing Tips

    One of the things that makes blogs and social media effective is consistent updates. But it can be hard to continuously be creative and come up with great content for all those outlets. Honestly, it’s one of the biggest reasons why people abandon these marketing tools. But what if you could write once and produce […]

  • 8 ways to prepare and succeed in a negotiation

    BYJason Long2 commentsLegal hot topics

    Power in a negotiation equates to emotional control, experience, intuition, flexibility, and knowledge of the facts and law. It isn’t anger, hostility, ego, or cockiness. In a negotiation, since the facts determine the law to be used, you must be prepared to persuade. Arming yourself with information and knowing your “audience” should be an integral […]

  • 6 ways for legal bloggers to beat writer’s block

    BYTeresa Shaw0 commentsMarketing Tips

    Odds are, if you’re the one writing blog content for your firm, at some point you’re going to have a post, or a series of posts, that beat the hell out of you (figuratively that is). Join the club. It happens. When you find you’re struggling so much with a piece that you just want […]

  • 6 ways for paralegals to delegate work

    BYTonya Pierce0 commentsParalegal news

    As some of you may have read in my previous posts, my second paralegal job included the title of “Office Manager.” I was so young when I received that title. I had only worked for one other attorney since graduating from paralegal school. I had a little less than eight years of experience as a […]

  • 10 ways to prepare your client for mediation

    BYJason Long1 commentsLegal hot topics

    Mediation is part of the law of A.D.R. or alternative dispute resolution. It’s an efficient, cost-effective, flexible, and viable alternative to the trial process. It often allows clients to resolve disputes in a less formal and costly setting than a courtroom and since court dockets are often backlogged, it can save a significant amount of […]