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  • Is a virtual law office right for you?

    BYJason Long0 commentsLegal hot topics

    Some people have defined a virtual law office “as a professional law practice existing online through a secure portal and is accessible to both the client and attorney anywhere the parties may access the internet.”  Others may count LegalZoom and similar services as a virtual law office, or virtual law service. For this post, however, […]

  • 6 ways to be a tech-savvy lawyer

    BYCyclone Covey1 commentsLegal hot topics

    Do you remember the days of legal research in books? Shepardizing cases took days and you didn’t have access to the most recently decided cases? How about the days of coding documents with sticky notes, notepads, and dictated indices? Remember when Lotus was the dominant email program? Ah, how technology has changed the legal profession. […]

  • 4 ways to mitigate data security risk at your law firm

    BYSimone Otenaike0 commentsLegal hot topics

    We covered Information Governance basics and why you need to have an IG plan (Part 1 and Part 2) in our first two posts. Make sure to check out the multiple resources we linked, especially in the first one, to jumpstart your thought process on putting together an IG plan that fits your firms needs. […]

  • What you need to know about law firm data security

    BYSimone Otenaike0 commentsLegal hot topics

    We covered Information Governance (IG) basics for lawyers in our first post and are diving into the nitty gritty of state, federal and international rules surrounding information governance. More specifically, we’re highlighting how maintaining compliance to protect private client information can be complex and burdensome. When it comes to IG, three separate legal forums must be […]

  • Information Governance for lawyers – what you need to know

    BYSimone Otenaike0 commentsLegal hot topics

    *This is the first of 3 posts covering Information Governance. Information Governance or “IG” is “the activities and technologies that organizations employ to maximize the value of their information while minimizing associated risks and costs.”  Don’t be fooled by one of the most basic of definitions online for a nuanced and complex concept (from the […]