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  • How To Get Stuck With The Other Side’s Legal Bills

    BYLauri Donahue0 commentsDeposition Tips

    A US Magistrate Judge in the Central District of California awarded sanctions against a defendant whose attorney’s objections led to a “train wreck” of a deposition. Background In the case of MAG Aerospace Industries Inc. v. B/E Aerospace Inc., MAG sued B/E in 2013 alleging infringement of MAG’s patents for vacuum toilet bowls used on […]

  • A Tale of Two Lawyers (Tech Savvy vs. Old School)

    BYTonya Pierce2 commentsHorror Stories

    I have had the opportunity (some might say advantage or disadvantage) of working with both a “Tech Savvy” lawyer and an “Old School” lawyer during my career. I must say that working for both attorneys was a completely unique and different experience and I learned a great deal working for both attorneys. Some may call […]

  • Giving A Deposition With Unwieldy Documents

    BYSid Allen0 commentsDeposition Tips

    Giving a deposition is quite often a very pleasurable experience. Litigators get to face off against ornery ex-husbands, dimwits, people playing stupid, and maybe, if they’re lucky, even arrogant celebrities. Dealing with the difficult witness when giving a deposition is a tough task, but often unavoidable. Problems with giving a deposition if you have unwieldy documents […]

  • Three Extreme Examples of Frivolous Lawsuits

    BYCarlos Carrasco0 commentsHorror Stories

    It is estimated that the annual cost to the United States economy for civil lawsuits is $233 billion.[1] While many of the suits filed are meritorious and have valid legal claims, many do not, despite the fact that people believe they have truly been wronged and believe they are entitled to some economic remedy. Many […]

  • Lost Documents: A Deposition Horror Story

    BYSid Allen0 commentsDepositions

    Susan was an experienced litigator who represented global clients in big cases. As such, she often travelled for depositions. She was a meticulous lawyer who liked to cross every “t” and dot every “i.” She fully trusted her paralegals, who she had trained over the years to be as detailed as she was.  On occasion, […]

  • April Fool’s Pranks Gone Wrong

    BYCarlos Carrasco0 commentsHorror Stories

    For many people at the office, April Fool’s Day is just another, normal workday. For others April Fool’s Day is a 24-hour period filled with fun and lighthearted pranks. However, not all pranks go as planned; there have been death, injuries and emotional distress as the result of office pranks on April Fool’s day. Some […]

  • Deposition Horror Stories & How to Handle Them

    BYCyclone Covey1 commentsHorror Stories

    If you practice litigation long enough you will find yourself in a deposition that does not go well.  Many lawyers have tales of deposition horror stories that involve difficult witnesses, difficult attorneys, technology disasters, and outright misconduct.  This post will list a few deposition horror stories for your entertainment and enjoyment.  Then I’ll discuss a […]