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AppThe wide selection of iOS and Android apps means there’s something for everyone. Today we’ve rounded up 10 of the top apps for legal professionals. Download these picks today to simplify your work life.

1. Burton’s Legal Thesaurus (iOS and Android) – A legal thesaurus can make light work of writing memos, drafting correspondence, and proofing legal documents. It’s something paralegals in any area will appreciate having on their device. Coming in at $49.99, it’s not cheap — but it is a valuable investment, and much easier to access the app version than lug around the print version.

2. Black’s Law Dictionary (iOS and Android) – Along with a legal thesaurus, Black’s Law is essential for parsing legal documents or performing research. At $54.99, it is an investment. Yet the easy-to-use interface will pay off big by making you look informed at all times.

3. Fastcase (iOS and Android) – Every paralegal needs a law library at their fingertips, and Fastcase is a free, easy-to-use law library app. It searches state and federal laws, and allows you to filter search results to find what you need quickly. To save cases or view your search history, you’ll need to register.

4. Court Days (iOS) – A simple yet effective $0.99 calendaring app, Court Days can prevent you from making a huge mistake and showing up at the wrong court or the wrong day. You can schedule court appointments in this app, track days between two different court dates to ensure you perform all follow-up, and send data to your work email.

5. PocketJustice (iOS and Android) – Legal geeks will love keeping up with Supreme Court cases with PocketJustice. The free version offers info on the top 100 Con Law cases, while the $4.99 deluxe version offers details on more than 600 cases. With either version, you can search court proceedings or share interesting info via social media.

6. Documents to Go (iOS and Android) – If your office relies on Microsoft Word, the $9.99 Documents to Go is a handy, easy-to-use Word document viewer for your smartphone or tablet. While other document viewers do not allow you to access the document footnotes, which is so important for checking legal citations, this one does.

7. TimeClock (iOS and Android) – TimeClock makes it easy to keep track of billable hours while you are on the go. Data can then be exported into spreadsheets, allowing you to keep track of your work hours or demonstrate to others how your allocated time.

8. SignMyPad (iOS and Android) – Some paralegals will find this $3.99 electronic signature app a must-have. Clients can electronically sign a document, which you can then email to the attorney and other parties. If right now you rely on printing, signing, and scanning documents to get an e-copy, this app will streamline things.

9. dLaw (Android) – Free dLaw can be an extremely useful utility when you’re on the go, don’t have internet access, and need to check a statute. It offers offline lookup of legal statues and rules.

10. To-do List – A to-do app is a must for any legal professional, and your smartphone or tablet should come with a decent one. iOS devices have Reminders, while Droid devices can use the Google Tasks extension. If these basic apps don’t suffice, there are a number of other free and of course paid to-do apps that will ensure you never miss a meeting.

This list of 10 apps is enough to keep any paralegal or legal assistant up to date and comfortable juggling duties on the go or in the office. There are apps for everything these days (check out this recent post on note-taking apps). Do you have a legal app you love that’s not on this list?

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