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  • Deposition Preparation Made Easy

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    Deposition preparation is something that great litigators and their support staff take very seriously. Successfully preparing for a deposition leads to more favorable trial outcomes and a much less stressful day.  Some of the ways great litigators prepare for a deposition: Researching opposing counsel, common tendencies, and most likely tactics during deposition Researching the witness, […]

  • 6 Document-Related Challenges with Remote Depositions

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    In the most recent global economic downturn, companies across the globe looked to cut back on travel expenses as one of the easiest ways to cut costs. This was enabled by the rise in internet speeds and new technologies. Law firms of course, were also significantly affected by the economy, and one result has been a […]

  • Travel to depositions without carrying boxes of exhibits

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    Every day attorneys travel to depositions carrying boxes with multiple copies of documents and exhibits with them.  Not only is it a hassle to carry these documents, but the time to print, copy and prepare these documents is a burden for everyone involved on a case. Imagine being able to travel to depositions across the […]

  • 7 Ways Paperless Depositions Increase Attorney Productivity

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    Paperless depositions are a new topic in an industry struggling to reduce its paper usage. In fact, we frequently get asked by attorneys and paralegals how paperless depositions can help their practice. Some of this stems from the attitude that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and some comes from fear of the unknown. […]

  • Infographic: Ten Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Depositions

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    We can all benefit from a refresher course from time-to-time so we developed some simple but effective tips to help you conduct better depositions. We sat down with Professor Gretchen Sween, a Legal Writing and Research professor at the University of Texas School of Law to get some fresh insight on depositions. Professor Sween has […]