Travel to depositions without carrying boxes of exhibits

by Carlos Carrasco



travel to depositions

Every day attorneys travel to depositions carrying boxes with multiple copies of documents and exhibits with them.  Not only is it a hassle to carry these documents, but the time to print, copy and prepare these documents is a burden for everyone involved on a case.
Imagine being able to travel to depositions across the country or across the city without lugging around documents or exhibits anymore.

Now it is possible with paperless depositions.


Upload all of your case documents to the cloud and have everything you need right from your computer or laptop. You can order documents the way you want, annotate them, prepare for your deposition, and completely eliminate the hassle of printing paper copies.  Just take your laptop when you travel to depositions, nothing more (well maybe a spare set of clothes). Everyone in the room can view the documents online during the deposition using a laptop or tablet, including the witness, opposing counsel, and the court reporter.  You are in complete control and reveal only the documents you want — at the appropriate time — without the hassle of paper.

There are other advantages to using cloud-based deposition software when you travel to depositions. Did you forget to upload a document at the office?  Not a problem; call someone and have them upload it for you. There is no longer a need to FedEx something overnight and worry about it arriving in time for the deposition. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about losing a sensitive document, misplacing it somewhere, or destroying paper copies when you are finished. Everything you upload will be available to you at anytime before, during, and after the deposition.

Now you can focus your time and energy on the deposition itself instead of dealing with the hassle of printing, copying, carrying or shipping documents across town or through the airport to your next deposition.

Want to learn more about how paperless depositions can ease your travel pains? Download our free eBook: “7 Ways Paperless Depositions Increase Attorney Productivity.”

July 12, 2013
Posted by Carlos Carrasco


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