7 Things Lawyers Should Be Thankful For

by Sid Allen



Thanksgiving_1900We at AgileLaw would like to wish all our reader’s a Happy Thanksgiving! There are many rough times in the law profession, starting with law school, taking the bar exam, joining or starting a firm, “learning” the law that somehow wasn’t taught in law school…and then, even after you’re established, you have to deal with working long hours, facing irate clients, occasionally losing cases, getting sued. Geez this is depressing. Where was I going with this? Oh yeah! Even though there are challenges, there are still many more things for a lawyer to be thankful for. Here is a modest list:

1. You’re not sitting in a CLE today


2. You’re not defending Paula Deen’s deposition

download (3)

3. You’re not studying for the bar exam

download (4)

4. You never have to take the bar exam again

download (5)

5. You’re the smartest person in the room (usually)

download (6)

6. You’re not this guy:

download (7)

(Lawyer disbarred after wearing Thomas Jefferson costume to court)

7. You’re not representing Justin Bieber



What are we missing? What are YOU thankful for??


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