Spring Ping-Pong Tournament Announced

by Dustin Moore



Upon the field of friendly strife...

Upon the fields of friendly strife…

The Agile Law Invitational Ping-Pong Tournament is just around the corner and the office is abuzz. It is no secret that ping-pong is an integral part of the Agile Law way of life. The reigning office champion enjoys special privileges during daily operation and accepts challenges to defend the title against others attempting to move up the ladder and gain status. The tournament deviates from the typical rules – anything can happen. Any ordinary Joe or Jane can walk off the street(assuming they were invited) and win it all. And by all I mean having their photo taken, framed and hung on the wall as TOURNAMENT CHAMPION with the inscription “all ye who look upon me tremble and take heed.” This is the prime piece of artwork in the office and it can only be earned by one lucky and skilled individual. There also may be a trophy.

The Cheeto Champion

The Cheeto Champion

Brief (but Convoluted) Explanation

Let me give you a view into the Agile Law ping-pong way of life. The champion holds the Cheeto, the bright orange ball representing strength and inimitability.


The Cheeto commands the respect of “peers” and grants its holder certain prerogatives, such as master of meetings.


The second best (or first loser) is granted the Dorito, a bright yellow ping-pong

ball that grants the holder the right to challenge the champion.

  • The Cheeto-holder must accept at least one challenge per day (if issued) from the holder of the Dorito.


Down another rung from the Dorito there are two Burritos(pale and tasteless white ping-pong balls), that do little but signify that the holder is not the worst in the office.

  • The Dorito holder must accept at least one challenge from each Burrito(if issued).
  • Below the Burrito is nothing, well nothing worth naming.
  • Burrito holder’s have no limit on challenges they must accept each day. But let’s face it, they need the practice.
Only the best can hold these

Only the best can hold these

That’s just everyday Agile Law ping-pong. The tournament kicks things up a notch. Everyone arrives as equals, but one leaves substantially superior to the rest. And that person gets to lord their superiority over the opposition until the next tournament. Good luck to all our challengers!

The Agile Law Ping-Pong Tournament takes place Friday April 4th and will be a double elimination tournament.


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