Product Update June 2013

by Thomas Allen



Product Update June 2013

Here are the new features we’re releasing in June 2013 for our deposition software solution.

Conduct a mock deposition

Before your deposition, you can stage a “mock” deposition with real documents and with members of your team so you’re completely comfortable with the software when you conduct the actual deposition. The functionality is exactly the same as a real deposition; the only difference is that we put a watermark on the documents during the mock deposition and in the deposition archive. Read more about how to start a mock deposition.

Support for more file formats

JPG and PNG image types files are now supported in addition to PDF and TIFF files.

Improved document list view

New document list view with drag and drop functionality for quickly linking case documents to a deposition, one at a time or many at once. When you’re viewing the documents in a deposition, you still have access to all the case documents without having to navigate back to the case, which should make linking documents much quicker. The document list also displays more columns, including alias, labels, exhibit number and file uploaded date. Read more about how to organize exhibits with the new document list.

Sync to a specific zoom level

Syncing your document view to or from a witness while conducting a deposition now includes syncing to the same zoom level and view position on the document. Now you will know exactly what paragraph the witness sees, because it will be exactly what you see.

Filter documents during a deposition

Did your paralegal organize all of your documents with useful labels? Now you can filter them during the deposition, to find exactly the document you need quickly. Read more about how to do this here.

Automatically see who has joined or left the deposition

When conducting a deposition, the participant list will now auto show when a new participant has joined.  The list will also highlight when a participant has left the deposition.

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