AgileLaw Product Update Fall 2013

by Thomas Allen


Product Updates

Product Update Fall 2013

New features we released in our latest product update.

Question Outline / Cycle Through Annotations

Quickly cycle through your personal notes during the deposition, using your annotations as “bookmarks” to navigate your document exhibits more efficiently. Have a question on page 90? Jumping to it is as easy as clicking “Next” in the annotation toolbar. Voilà, instant outline.

Grant or Revoke Access to a Case

When many attorneys and paralegals use the same account but are working on separate cases, you may not want them to have access to the document exhibits for every case (for a variety of reasons). With this update, when you create a new case, we’ll ask you which users on your account should have read access, write access, or no access.

Automated Billing

When you sign up for a new account and create a case, we now allow you to input your credit card for billing. From then on, we will charge your card monthly for any additional cases purchased during the previous month.

Features that will be in our next product update.

Automatic Sync

Participants and lead counsel can enable “witness sync mode” so that every time the witness changes pages or documents, it will update on their own device. This makes it easy to follow what the witness is looking at without constantly clicking the “view witness screen” button.

User Roles

In the previous product update, we allowed you to grant or revoke access to a specific case. In this next release, you will have the ability to assign a specific role to a user, which provides a more granular way to restrict access. For example, the “paralegal” role can do everything an attorney can do except start the deposition.

System Labels

To provide for more robust filtering of document exhibits before and during a deposition, we’ve added “system labels.” Attorneys can filter their document list by only revealed documents, documents that the witness has annotated, documents that have attorney annotations, and/or documents that have been marked as exhibits.

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