Legal Document Security is Paramount

by Carlos Carrasco



Legal Document Security is Paramount

Legal Document Security is Paramount

Many attorneys are concerned about storing sensitive and confidential information online because of uncertainty regarding legal document security. And they should be. Before signing up for any online document service it is important to understand who can access the documents, how they are secured, encrypted, stored, and backed-up.

We architected and implemented our paperless deposition system with the strongest security to keep your confidential client documents safe and secure.

So how do these security features apply in a deposition?

6 Steps to True Legal Document Security

  1. First and foremost, no one outside your organization, including AgileLaw’s own employees, ever has access to your uploaded documents. Encrypted documents can only be decrypted with your unique username and password.
  2. All document exhibits uploaded to our system are encrypted using strong AES-256 encryption algorithms, which follows the same methods used by large financial services and government security agencies like the NSA to protect vital, top secret information.
  3. For participants to view documents during a deposition, the deposing counsel gives out a private PIN to each participant; no one can join without that PIN. During the deposition, the deposing counsel can see each participant and allow or deny access, so you do not need to worry about any unauthorized persons joining.
  4. Once a deposition has concluded, all participants in the deposition receive an email with a link that allows them to download a PDF of each exhibit. The download is secured by the same PIN that is shown only to the approved deposition participants.
  5. We also backup your data on a daily basis, using a continuous off-site backup solution for real-time data protection.
  6. If and when you delete a document or cancel your service, we only keep a copy of your data for a limited period of time (to allow you to restore data that was unintentionally deleted). After that grace period, all deleted data is completely purged and no trace of it will ever exist on our servers. In instances where you want the data purged immediately, we give you a way to manually opt out of the grace period.

We understand that legal document security is critical to your firm and we continually review and monitor our security systems to ensure that your confidential client documents remain safe and secure.

Click here to download the AgileLaw Security guide.

July 19, 2013
Posted by Carlos Carrasco


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