Get Positive Results in Law Firm Marketing (Part 1)

by Teresa Shaw


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Astore_Marketing_PlanIf you are new to internet marketing and search engine optimization, or if you have simply resisted getting involved in marketing and optimization, this is for you. Instead of touting the benefits of optimization, such as how optimization can help you rank better in search engine result pages (SERPs), and how marketing on the internet can improve local awareness of your firm and services, I will show why a Pennsylvania personal injury firm maintains high rankings and continues to reach new audiences on both mobile and desktop platforms

It is my hope that this article will show that general search engine optimization is not too hard or time consuming to do on your own, and even though some think SEO is nothing more than a way to ‘trick’ Google and other search engines, SEO actually works with search engines to help them identify the pages and sites that are relevant to user queries.


Edgar Snyder & Associates

The Pennsylvania personal injury firm of Edgar Snyder and Associates ranks high (top 5 results) for their chosen keywords and keyword phrases, (local term+ practice areas), in Google, Bing and Yahoo. How they obtained this position and hold it is a mix of SEO, PPC, and internet marketing.

Let’s dig in.

The website:

edgar snyder website

1. Brand 

Locally, Edgar Snyder is known for the finger point you see here from television ads. Using the ‘point’ on the website enables visitors to instantly recognize this firm. Edgar Snyder is the brand of the firm, and he is instantly recognizable in his firm, on his website, in videos, and other marketing avenues. People want to know who is on the other side of the screen, and having pictures of you and your firm is great way to begin the introduction. Having your image on your site, your blog, your videos and social media accounts, and all marketing material is a great way to introduce your firm to potential clients and establish your brand.

2. Design

The website is clean, professional, and loads fast. The content is well written and accurately represents the firm. Even better, users get to choose how they connect with an attorney. From click-n-call numbers, return call input, chat, or form submission, users can make the initial contact in the way that best suits them.

3. A Hook

The $100 Visa Gift Card giveaway is an excellent idea. Yes, people will fill out a Safe Driving Pledge, but the $100 giveaway means a lot more people will not only take the Pledge, they will leave their contact information. Some firms give away books, guides, or other legal information that is important and usable to potential clients. I really can’t stress enough that if you are going to write a guide/book/pamphlet for public consumption that you do it well, and really put thought into the needs of those you serve. Answer their questions, explain the law, but also allow the things that make your firm different from other firms stand out. Every attorney in the country has their own ‘way’, that ‘something’ that makes them different from all the others. It’s that “something” that makes you different that people want to see and that difference could be the exact thing that motivates a potential client to choose you.

4. Testimonials

Testimonials, awards, and memberships are prominently displayed on the website and work to build trust with potential clients. Trust builders do at least some of the talking for you, especially when a customer meets you first the first time through your website. If you can make them clickable, all the better, because at least some of your readers really will click through awards and Better Business Bureau ratings for the full scoop.

5. Blog

The firm has been actively blogging since 2005 and continues to update the blog regularly with content that is relevant to their practice areas and the interests of their readers. The blog introductions are also easily viewed with the title of each blog, engaging the interest of the reader before a link is even clicked.

6. Video

Edgar Snyder & Associates has published a lot of videos. Most are short, about 30 seconds or so, but some are several minutes long, and all give viewers insight into the firm. From humorous videos of Edgar teaching the other attorneys how to do his trademark point, to videos of the attorneys engaged in community activities to public safety videos for all who share the road, the firm keeps the videos coming and their viewers engaged.

7. Social Media

The firm is also active on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. A GREAT way to promote your business in a non-aggressive manner.

The mobile website:

edgar snyder mobile

Here’s the thing about mobile websites, searchers want information even faster on their phones than they do on their desktops, and they want to view sites that are intuitive so they don’t have to search to find information. That means you have to cut out any extra elements that would push your mobile site beyond a few seconds to load and organize content in a way that makes it easy for your visitor to find. Also, be kind to your touch screen readers by leaving extra space in between links and images.

Here’s how, using the Edgar Snyder & Associates mobile website as an example.

  1. Everything a mobile user would need to identify the firm and their services, and how to contact them is right there in front of the user as soon as the page loads.
  2. Right under the firm photos are links to the three most common questions; do I have a case, how much is my case worth, and are there attorney fees. The drop-down menu in the left corner will take a mobile viewer anywhere in the site in one click.
  3. The fonts are readable as loaded so the user does not have to zoom, nor does a user have to scroll horizontally because the pages are sized for the mobile screen
  4. The mobile site does not contain any design elements that prevent it from loading properly or quickly.

What it boils down to is this: the more work your visitor has to do, the less reason they have to stay or come back. Make sure your mobile site puts your user first.


In Part 2 of the Get Positive Results in Law Firm Marketing series we will be looking at some very important offsite factors that you can do yourself to help your firm get positive results.

Teresa Shaw is an SEO expert with 10 years experience helping attorneys and law firms across the country increase public awareness of their services.


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