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free marketing tools for attorneysOne of the best things about blogging with AgileLaw is that I am free to talk about and share the marketing information and tools that I think will help you the most without worrying about giving away too much. Because Agile Law isn’t a marketing company, there is no conflict of interest, so over the past months, I have used this blog to talk about some of the specific things you need to do to market your law firm online, from blogging, to using social media, to making your website mobile friendly. I’ve drilled down into common marketing issues, like quality content creation, how to differentiate your firm from your competition, and even shared some thoughts and examples on website design. As much as I’ve covered, I’ve yet to cover all the bases. So, in an effort to get you the information you need to market your firm successfully now, I’m going to share some really helpful free marketing resources that can help you get started or be more effective with your efforts.


The HubSpot Marketing Library has all of their marketing content in one place ready for you download. The library has guides, webinars, infographs, templates, and even entire marketing kits you can download, complete with checklists. Not all of these resources will apply to law firm marketing, but you can definitely make use of the inbound marketing content, as well as SEO templates and checklists, conversion rate checklists, social media strategies, and content marketing benchmark reports so you can keep your finger on the pulse of what moves the web.

Marketo Cheat Sheets are an incredibly handy resource to have at your fingertips. These non-promotional cheat sheets help you understand the marketing processes you need to compete online. Want to know how to market on facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? Marketo’s cheat sheets will explain how to go about it and they provide best practices and action items that you use immediately in your social network.

Marketo also produces in-depth guides on specific marketing tactics. These guides are big and detailed. The “Definitive Guide to Engaging Content Marketing” is 110 pages, while the “Definitive Guide to Engaging Email Marketing” comes in at over 150 pages. They also over tactical plans for content marketing and increasing website conversions, along with a great mobile marketing guide. These guides give you a jumpstart on marketing your firm effectively in 2015 and beyond.


Ok, this one is my absolute favorite for those who want to take SEO into their own hands. It’s no exaggeration when I say that their Unfair Advantage Book (which they update every month) is what started my career as an SEO consultant. These guys explain how search engines work, and how they change, as well as the steps you need to take for organic optimization. Though the Unfair Advantage Book is free to download.  SearchEngineNews(which provides the monthly updates to the book, plus additional SEO information and strategies) is not free, but if you want to do your own SEO, you will find this resources invaluable! Follow their advice, and you will score big in organic results.

Teresa Shaw is an SEO consultant with 10 years of experience helping attorneys and law firms across the country increase public awareness of their services.


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