Deposition Software Helps Avoid the Pitfalls of DIY Methods

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Do-It-Yourself Paperless Depositions Before AgileLaw

For years enterprising lawyers have attempted to conduct paperless depositions. Some lawyers have tried to go paperless because they are fed up with organizing the cumbersome boxes, accordion files, and binders; others want to reduce copy costs; and others were searching for a better way to show documents to a remote witness in a videoconference deposition (or remote deposition). Several lawyers have come up with homegrown methods that combines difference pieces of software to conduct a paperless deposition. These solutions include copying files to Dropboxloading PDFs on iPads, and/or using monitors to sync screens for the participants.

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Deposition software will keep this image out of a litigator’s nightmares


Problems with the DIY Approach

Unfortunately, however, the homegrown solutions really are not worth the benefit. The solutions generally require that the lawyer cobble together several pieces of software on different devices. And to sync screens some solutions require a separate computer monitor for each participant. In fact one solution sold by a litigation support company actually requires that you pay for an on-site technician to manage the screen technology during the deposition. If you want to share the documents with DropBox then you have picked an insecure method to send potentially sensitive documents. At the end of the day with all of these solutions you still do not have a solution that is as simple and flexible as paper. When you factor in the time to configure different software programs and upload your documents, the hassle and expense of carrying or shipping monitors to the deposition site, and the inability to have the flexibility afforded by paper it is no wonder that paperless depositions have yet to become the norm.

Use deposition software designed for the task

There is a better way.  AgileLaw’s deposition software is specifically designed to conduct paperless depositions. There’s one piece of software to upload, tag, annotate, and review documents in preparation for the deposition. The same software allows the deposing attorney to reveal documents, mark them, and control the flow of documents. Any tablet or laptop will work with the system so neither extra monitors, nor additional software (nor extra on-site technicians) are needed. AgileLaw uses 256 bit AES encryption so document security is assured. If you want the benefits of paperless depositions without the hassle then sign up for an AgileLaw account today.

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