5 paralegal podcasts worth a listen

by Lindsey Day


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podcastFor on-the-go access to continuing education, breaking industry trends, and insider tips, nothing beats a podcast. Their resurgence brings with it some amazing podcasts catered to the legal industry and the paralegal profession. Add these 5 podcasts to your device of choice and stay current (and entertained) during your commute.

5 Paralegal Podcasts Worth a Listen

1. Paralegal Voice – Put out by the Legal Talk Network, Paralegal Voice is hosted by Vicki Voisin, the Paralegal Mentor. This podcast covers industry trends and issues, and often brings working paralegals and other legal experts on the show to lend their voice to the topic at hand. Paralegals at any level looking for a fun way to stay current will want to check out this podcast. Recent topics include paralegal education and the job search, writing skills for paralegals, a “day in the life” of a senior paralegal, and public speaking tips to conquer fear when making your voice heard.

2. Lawyer 2 Lawyer – Also on the Legal Talk Network, the often-hilarious Lawyer 2 Lawyer podcast brings two lawyers and popular law bloggers, J. Craig Williams and Robert Ambrogi, together to discuss legal topics and trends. Attorney Williams is a defense attorney, and Attorney Ambrogi works with media and tech companies. Whatever your area of specialty, you will appreciate the fresh perspective these voices bring to current matters. Recent episodes focus on DWIs, same-sex marriage, driverless cars and liability, Soto vs. Bushmaster and the Second Amendment, and the legal issues that arose from the December 2014 release of the Senate Committee Study of the CIA’s Detention and Interrogation Program.

3. Bloomberg Law Podcast – Hosted by June Grasso and Michael Best, this podcast features interviews with guest attorneys and legal scholars, true experts of the industry. Episodes touch on every legal specialty, from securities to criminal law to IP. Research nerds who love getting into the nitty gritty of a case will enjoy staying up to date with this podcast. Recent episodes include discussion of a Supreme Court ruling on pregnant worker rights, the “net neutrality” lawsuit, the fight over right to work in Wisconsin, and first amendment issues. Find Bloomberg Law here.

4. Finish Line: Many paralegals and legal assistants working today remember the televised OJ Simpson trial. A next-generation twist on that concept, Finish Line takes listeners into the trial of admitted Boston Marathon bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, through a short daily podcast. Hosted by a reporter from Boston’s public radio station WBUR and a journalist from The Boston Globe, the podcast offers a day-by-day look into the lead up to the courtroom, the juror selection process, and that day-to-day courtroom drama. With insight and comprehensive legal analysis, this is bound to interest criminal law paralegals and legal assistants.

5. Serial – While Serial isn’t strictly a legal podcast, any podcast roundup geared at the industry would be remiss to not include this game-changing podcast. Serial made podcasts popular again, and is poised to update the landscape by inspiring more legal voices to take to the medium of radio to connect, inform, and educate. Learn about the Adnan Syed, currently serving a life sentence for allegedly murdering his ex-girlfriend in 1999, before his case goes to appeal. Serial received over 76 million downloads, the Baltimore Sun reports, and is planning a second season to investigate a different crime.

These five podcasts are just a few of the aural offerings for paralegals and legal assistants. What did we miss? Share your favorites in the comments.

Lindsey Day is a freelance writer with over 10 years of experience covering technology, small business, and legal topics.


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