4 ways to create evergreen content for legal blogs

by Teresa Shaw


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evergreen contentWe’ve covered a number of posts related to content from sharing examples of rockstar legal blogs to re-purposing content. But as you build upon and improve your content strategy, consider focusing on creating evergreen content which is powerful and stays relevant for much longer (it’s also easier to revamp and keep relevant). Evergreen content works for you more than standard content.

Let’s say you’re a criminal defense attorney and you want to write a long blog post about DUI laws in Ohio. If you write for the long haul using evergreen content, you could create all this instead:


Instead of simply creating a long blog post, create a guidebook that explains current Ohio laws, important cases or court opinions, and legislative bills that might be making headway. Tell your readers what to do if they get pulled over and what penalties and punishments they may face if found guilty. (After you post the guide, you could write up a short how-to article or post about “how to beat an Ohio DUI” and link to the guide so readers can get more information).  You can easily keep the guide relevant by simply removing irrelevant information as new information becomes available.

Curated content

There’s a lot of content about DUI’s on the web and some of it’s worth sharing. Curate resources for your readers. Again, you can easily keep your curated content up-to-date by simply replacing outdated resources with new ones.

Consider adding resources (like blogs, articles, infographics, etc.) developed by a firm that practices in an area that compliments yours. For example, a DUI attorney could have resources from an immigration firm that address how a DUI affects immigration status. If Ohio is considering implementing a law that’s similar to a law in another state, you could add relevant resources from firms in that state.

Case studies

It’s helpful to know what works for other people and DUI defense is no exception. Case studies allow your readers to see what happens when, say, the driver refuses the chemical test, or refuses to pull over, or has marijuana in their car. You get the idea. An example of a case study could be “6 People who Refused Chemical Testing and Kept Their Ohio Driver’s License.”


Lists are popular with readers because they can pack a lot of information in easy-to-digest bites. Lists are also easier to write than other types of content, and they’re easily updated. A really easy list would be “4 Ohio Drugged Driving Laws You Need to Know about Now.”

 A Little Bit More about Evergreen Content

When you create evergreen content for the web, leave out words like “last month”, “this week,” “a few days ago,” etc. Not only will these terms be meaningless to your readers, using these terms takes away from the power of evergreen material.

Evergreen content can pack a powerful punch, attract more qualified leads, and help build trust in your firm. It’s shareable, engaging, easy to understand, and informative. Evergreen content keeps working for you longer, and in some cases, even better than standard content.

Teresa Shaw is an SEO consultant with 10 years of experience helping attorneys and law firms across the country increase public awareness of their services.


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