Electronic Exhibit Management for Visionary Litigators

Review, annotate, and share document exhibits from anywhere

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Quick and Easy Organization

Upload documents, then review, annotate, and search them with ease. Create and categorize by topic labels, enter an alias name to identify documents easier, and add highlighting, comments, and bookmarking annotations.


Collaborative Exhibit Review

Your entire team can access your exhibits from anywhere at anytime, and you can see where your co-counsel has flagged certain parts of an exhibit.


Efficient Depositions

Run your deposition from your laptop or tablet, and only show the witness a document when you have a question. Get everyone on the same page instantaneously, and never take a break just to find a missing document.

Getting started with AgileLaw e-exhibits is easy

Upload your exhibits to AgileLaw

Using a modern internet browser, select a single file or an entire directory of files to upload to our secure website.

Organize & review your documents

Access your documents from your laptop or tablet, organize and annotate them, practice mock depositions, and more.

Conduct your deposition with your laptop or tablet

At your deposition, provide the witness with a tablet, and use your laptop to share documents, mark exhibits, and quickly jump from one question to the next with the click of a button.

Watch a 5-minute demo on how AgileLaw E-exhibits will improve your depositions, maximizing your competitive advantage:

E-exhibit software from AgileLaw allows litigators to replace piles and piles of printed document exhibits with laptops and tablets before, during, and after their depositions.

Reduce deposition expenses

E-exhibits significantly reduce deposition costs by saving preparation time (replace time spent printing, organizing, copying, and binding documents with a simple drag-and-drop interface), eliminating shipping expenses and/or checked baggage fees, and do away with court reporter fees for scanning paper exhibits.

Access exhibits from anywhere, 24/7

Whether you’re working at the office, checking in from your ocean-front hotel room, or staying up late in your hotel room the night before your deposition, your exhibits will always be at your fingertips. That goes for your entire team too, so collaborating between other attorneys and paralegals is no longer a nightmare.

More efficient depositions

Run your deposition more professionally and efficiently by eliminating the clutter associated with reams of document exhibits. During the deposition, find the page you need in seconds, and no more flipping through hundreds of documents to find what you need.

No software/hardware expense

AgileLaw e-exhibits is a Software-as-a-Service platform so that means you don’t have to buy, install, or maintain software or hardware — a huge savings in time and expense.

“Despite using this new technology for the first time, the deposition was much smoother with AgileLaw than it would have been using paper exhibits.”

Erika Birg

Partner, Nelson Mullins

See how electronic exhibits from AgileLaw mimics your existing workflow -- which means you can benefit immediately from technology adoption, with minimal disruption to your job.


In a single deposition, Nelson Mullins was able to save their client $1,616 by using AgileLaw.

Preparation time was reduced

Client was able to join remotely

Traveling was easier and less stressful

"Despite using this new technology for the first time, the deposition was much smoother with AgileLaw than it would have been using paper exhibits.”

Erika Birg

Partner, Nelson Mullins

In October 2013, Fulkerson Lotz adopted the AgileLaw solution and immediately observed the following benefits:

Eliminating the need to print multiple copies of exhibits

Traveling is easier and less stressful

Zooming in on a tablet facilitates reading documents with small text

"With AgileLaw, we can upload exhibits with the click of a button, instead of printing and copying paper exhibits.”

Kimberly Lewis

Paralegal, Fulkerson Lotz

Full-featured, electronic exhibit software for your depositions

Everything below is included with your AgileLaw e-exhibit purchase. If you have specific questions or want to see a live demo, fill out the short form below.



Drag and drop individual files or entire folders up to 1 gigabyte with no limit on the number of pages in a single document. Currently supports PDF, TIFF, PNG, and JPG file formats.


Create and assign topic labels to your documents and filter searches by relevant tags.


Organize your documents in a specific order that is unique to each deposition, based on the order of your planned questions.


Annotate your documents by highlighting text, writing comments, or book-marking — anything you can do with a pen. Any annotations you make are private and only visible to you at all times.

Conducting the Deposition


Reveal individual documents throughout the course of the deposition. The witness, opposing counsel, and any other participants only see the documents you have revealed.


Any document can be stamped with an exhibit sticker, and you can move the stamp anywhere on the first page of the document. By default, the exhibit number is automatically filled in with the next available number for the case, but you can rename it to anything you’d like.


Any document can be stamped with an exhibit sticker, and you can move the stamp anywhere on the first page of the document. By default, the exhibit number is automatically filled in with the next available number for the case, but you can rename it to anything you’d like.


Using quick search label filters, document sorting, and cycling through annotations, you can can quickly find documents, even ones that you weren’t planning on using but were led to based on answers from the witness.


Using quick search label filters, document sorting, and cycling through annotations, you can can quickly find documents, even ones that you weren’t planning on using but were led to based on answers from the witness.

Witness and Participants


The participant’s device or laptop will stay in sync with the witness without touching anything. If you decide to navigate to a different document or page, you can be back in sync with the witness with the touch of a button.


Participants can view and scan through any document exhibit that the lead counsel has revealed during the deposition on their own.


Witness’s can add their own annotations to a document that will be used as part of the official record. Any documents annotated by the witness are kept separate from the original, so you can see exactly what the witness annotated.


Participants can join a deposition anywhere they have internet access. That means a client or co-counsel can follow along from their own office without needing to travel to the deposition.



Currently PDF, TIFF, PNG, and JPG formats are supported. All exhibits downloaded after a deposition concludes are in PDF format.


We support most modern web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer 10+) and the app is available for iPads (any generation) or Android tablets (requires v4.2 of the OS, a.k.a. Jelly Bean).


Documents are encrypted at rest and in transit. The encryption algorithm at rest is AES-256.


Using intuitive mouse drag-and-drop technology, users can upload files, re-order documents, assign labels, and link exhibits to specific depositions.

Deposition Preparation

How do I add documents to your system?

Once you have logged in and created a case you can upload any document to the system through our simple interface. If you have documents in a case management system such as Concordance or Summation then simply export the documents you want into a folder and then upload that folder into AgileLaw. If you have your documents in Clio, we have an integration that will let you download documents directly into AgileLaw. We will soon be adding other integrations, including for the Disco and Relativity ediscovery platforms.

What formats can I upload?

We currently support TIFF, PDF, PNG, and JPG. We soon will be adding other formats including the standard Microsoft Office formats.

How do I prepare?

Our system allows you to search, tag, annotate, rename, and organize the documents. We give you the flexibility to prepare in whatever method works best for you. You can highlight and put your own notes on a document that will be invisible to the other participants during the deposition.


How secure is the site?

Data is transmitted and stored using 256-bit encryption, which is the same standard used by major financial institutions and HIPAA compliant systems. Documents are also encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption on our servers so even someone with unauthorized access cannot view any data. (This encryption algorithm is approved by the NSA for top secret information). In addition, AgileLaw’s own employees have no ability to see your documents. Please read our section on Security for more information.

How do I prevent unauthorized people from entering the deposition session?

Before the deposition, the deposing counsel gives out a private PIN to each participant. No one can join without the PIN. During the deposition, the deposing counsel can see each participant and allow or deny them access. An unauthorized person who has obtained the private PIN cannot join without permission from the deposing counsel.

Does the opposing counsel have access to all of the documents in the case stored in the cloud?

Only the documents that have been "revealed" by the lead counsel are viewable by the opposing counsel. Every document is encrypted with a unique key, and only during the "reveal" process is the document copied into a separate "storage modality" along with the sharing of that encryption key with the other participants.

During the Deposition

What do I need during the deposition?

You need power (battery or plug), a device (either a laptop or a tablet) for each participant who wants to view documents, and an internet connection for the devices.

Do I need an internet connection?

We’ve designed our system to provide the utmost security, which means if you lose your laptop or tablet, no one can access your documents. For this reason, you need an internet connection during the deposition. We recommend a couple of things with regard to Wifi. First, we recommend you work with the court reporter ahead of time to make sure there will be internet access at the deposition location. They're usually pretty good about this because they also need it in case they end up using RealTime. Second, as a backup, you can take a personal hotspot [add link] that will give you a Wifi connection wherever you can get a cell phone signal. Most places nowadays have wifi available so this is rarely an issue.

How does everyone view the documents?

The deposing lawyer uses a laptop to manage the deposition through a web browser. The other participants – opposing counsel, witness, court reporter, other observers – may use a laptop or a tablet.

Can I prevent everyone from seeing all my documents or notes?

AgileLaw’s software allows the deposing lawyer to reveal only documents the lawyer wants to reveal when the lawyer wants to reveal them. The other participants cannot see documents you choose not to reveal and they cannot see your notes. The workflow is identical to that in paper depositions.

How do I mark exhibits?

The deposing counsel can mark any document as an exhibit in our software. Simply click Mark Exhibit for any document that has been revealed during the deposition. Once the document is marked as an exhibit, it receives an exhibit stamp on the first page. All digital copies of that exhibit have the stamp embedded as part of the graphic on the file. Printed copies of marked exhibits look identical to paper exhibits with an exhibit sticker.

Will the Court Reporter be able to see the document exhibits?

The court reporter is simply a participant in the deposition. The reporter can join the deposition and get copies with the exhibit stickers like anyone else. If the reporter needs a paper copy of the exhibits to add to the transcript then the reporter can simply print those documents.

How does the witness mark up an exhibit?

Our system makes it simple for the witness to annotate an exhibit. They can use their finger to draw and mark up the exhibit. When the witness is finished, both the marked up and the original, unedited version of the document are saved as exhibits.

How do the deposition participants get a copy of the exhibits?

All participants in the deposition receive an email with a link after the deposition is concluded that allows them to download PDFs of each exhibit. The download is secured by a PIN that is only shown to the approved deposition participants.

How can Opposing Counsel ask questions with my documents?

If you have revealed a document during the deposition then it is visible to all the deposition participants, including opposing counsel. That lawyer can direct the witness to any of those documents and ask questions.

Does the product include voice recording or transcription?

No. This solution is for exhibits only.

Does the product work for trials or arbitrations?

The product is designed for the workflow of a deposition, but it can be adapted to work for arbitrations. Contact us for more information. It will not work for jury trials presently. We plan to add functionality in the future that tailors the workflow to trials and arbitrations.

How do I handle Opposing Counsel objections?

AgileLaw is not in the business of giving legal advice so any decisions on how to handle the objection should ultimately be left to the lawyer. We do have some friendly suggestions, however. First, ensure there are no local rules prohibiting the use of electronic exhibits. If there is no rule prohibiting it then you should be able to do what you want. It is your deposition so conduct it as you see fit. Approach it the same way as if opposing counsel were objecting to a video deposition. Second, with the volume of e-discovery and scanned or electronic documents used in litigation it is unlikely that paperless depositions would receive much push back from a court. Third, you can bring a single paper copy or print the exhibits you reveal on-site. Fourth, you can point out the many benefits of the software including cost and time savings for all the parties. Finally, the technology is secure and designed to ensure that all participants receive identical copies. Unlike paper there’s no risk that one of the participants gets a copy of an exhibit that is missing pages or is otherwise different from all the other exhibits. If you have further advice on this topic please share it with us!

Is this solution better than paper?

Of course. Here is a short list: Save all your copy costs and shipping costs; search all your documents instantly; sync your view to the witness’s view and sync the witness’s view to yours – meaning you can literally “get on the same page” in no time; ensure everyone gets identical copies of all exhibits immediately after the deposition; easily conduct remote depositions without shipping all your exhibits ahead of time for the witness to prepare; add last minute documents with a simple upload – no more last-minute scrambles to make copies of a forgotten document; the list goes on…

What if the witness is a technophobe?

That's the beauty of our software. The witness never actually has to touch the device for it to work. Since you have control over what the witness is looking at, you can direct him or her to a specific page without them ever touching the iPad. However, it's also very intuitive, so we don't think you would ever have to resort to that, but it's an option in case you need it.


What devices do you support?

The deposing lawyer can conduct the deposition from a computer with most modern web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer 10+). All other participants may use a laptop, an iPad (any generation), or an Android tablet (requires v4.2 of the OS, a.k.a. Jelly Bean).

Other Questions

There’s a feature I want / do you have XYZ feature?

If you can do it with paper then you can do it with our software. If you have a specific question or feature request that is not covered on our website please contact us below and we will respond shortly.

How much does the service cost?

We would be happy to provide a customized quote for you. Please fill in the form below or give us a call us at 512-348-6525.

Can I see a demo of the software?

Contact us below to request a demo.

Do you have a free trial?

We can set you up with a 7-day trial account if you are interested in taking it for a test drive. Please contact us for details.

What kind of support do you offer? Or, what if it breaks during my deposition?

On top of offering 24/7 phone and email support, we know when depositions are going on and have staff monitoring these events. We've had depositions take place around the globe as far away as South Korea. And as an AgileLaw customer, we will provide you with the cell phone number of not only your account rep, but also the CEO.

How can I save money?

This depends on several things, such as how much you travel, how much you’re spending on printing costs, and court reporter fees being the big ones. There’s also a savings associated with preparation and improved efficiency during the deposition.

We take security seriously

Our application is designed to protect you and your clients’ confidential information. With our comprehensive approach to security, you never have to worry about your data ending up in the wrong hands.


All document exhibits uploaded to our system are encrypted using strong AES-256 encryption algorithms and can only be decrypted by you or someone within your law firm. No one outside your organization, including AgileLaw’s own employees, ever have access to your clients’ confidential information.


Users must choose a strong password and automatic lockouts are enforced when incorrect passwords are repeatedly entered. We don’t allow the browser to save your login, which eliminates access from a stolen or compromised computer. If you leave your computer unattended for an extended period, you will be automatically logged out.


When you delete a document or cancel your service, we only keep a copy of your data for a limited period of time (to allow you to restore data that was unintentionally deleted). After that grace period, all deleted data is completely purged and no trace of it will ever exist on our servers. In instances where you may want the data purged immediately, we give you a way to manually opt out of the grace period.


Our servers have SSL certificates signed by GoDaddy, the world’s largest domain name registrar, so all data transferred between a user and our servers are encrypted, with security matching or exceeding that used by financial institutions. We also have an A+ rating from SSL Labs.


External access to our servers is controlled by multiple layers of firewalls, intrusion protection systems and routers, and is configured and monitored according to industry best practices.


We back up customer data on a daily basis, in addition to a continuous off-site backup solution for real-time data protection.

Download Security Guide


$200 / month

Free Trial

5,000* uploaded pages per month
+ $50 per 1k extra

50,000** stored pages
+ $10 per 5k extra


* Approx. 2 ½ bankers boxes

** Approx. 25 bankers boxes

Need to upload or store more documents? Contact us for a custom quote.


Unlimited depositions

Unlimited deposition partners

Unlimited users

24 hour support

File sizes up to 1 GB

256-bit SSL encryption

Free iPad and Android apps

What is an "uploaded page" and a "stored page"?

An "uploaded page" is counted when a new document is uploaded during a given month. A "stored page" is one that is uploaded in a previous month and is still stored in the repository. If you exceed the uploaded pages limit, you'll be billed once during the month that it was exceeded. If you exceed the stored pages limit, you'll be billed for each month that you exceed that limit.

How does a free trial work?

A free trial provides you unlimited software usage and the ability to upload up to 5,000 pages for thirty days. If you exceed that limit we'll charge you for the regular incremental cost as if you were a paying customer. You get the full experience of the depth and breadth of the AgileLaw software, and you know exactly what you're getting when you become a customer.

Is there a long-term commitment? Can I cancel at any time?

All accounts are on a month-to-month basis, which means you can cancel any time and your subscription will end at the end of the month. If you want to keep your existing document exhibits, private annotations, and other work you've done in AgileLaw, you'll need to continue your subscription. Otherwise you'll need to start over from scratch on your next case or deposition.

Is this for my whole firm or a single case?

Whichever you prefer. We suggest signing up your firm, and if you have a case where you expect to exceed monthly page limits, we can bill you separately for that case. Regardless, you will always receive a monthly statement with a cost breakdown so you can allocate costs to the appropriate client matter.

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