Feature list

We make depositions easy

AgileLaw gives you the flexibility to replace paper completely - using your existing work flow. Everything you do now (with paper) can be done without paper using AgileLaw. View more with the links below:

Organizing your documents

  • TagsCreate and assign topic labels to your documents and filter searches by relevant tags.
  • Question outlinesCreate a question outline for each deposition and link each question to a specific section of the document.
  • Document orderOrganize your documents in a specific order that is unique to¬†each deposition, based on the order of your planned questions.

Reviewing and annotating

  • Alias namesEnter an alias name and other metadata to identify documents easier.
  • Robust search capabilitiesSearch for documents by boolean operators, keyword match, title, alias, annotations, and/or tags.
  • Private annotationsReview and annotate every document from your web browser or tablet - and rest easy knowing that any annotations you make are only visible to you.
  • Annotate documents Annotations include highlighting text, inserting comments, drawing freehand, and bookmarking - basically anything you can do with a pen, but without the hassle.

Conducting your deposition

  • Share documentsReveal only the documents you want, when you want. The witness, opposing counsel, and any other participants only see the documents you choose.
  • Get on the same pageNever again will you have to wait for everyone to find the right page. With the click of a button, everyone will be looking at the same page.
  • Mark exhibitsAny document can be flagged by you or the court reporter as an exhibit for potential use during trial.
  • Unlimited participantsNo need to worry about an extra person (or 5) showing up. As long as everyone has a laptop or tablet, they can join in.
  • Quickly search for relevant documentsDid the witness's answer lead you to another document? If it's been uploaded to our system, you can quickly find the document you need. Try doing that with a stack of paper.
  • Forget a document in the office?Just call your assistant and have him or her upload the document. It will be immediately available to you.

After the deposition

  • Document distributionAll exhibits shared during the deposition can be downloaded from our secure website by each participant.

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