AgileLaw Announces Court Reporter Reseller Program

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While AgileLaw’s paperless deposition software is focused on providing value to attorneys, we also recognize the inherent benefits our solution provides to court reporters, as they too can avoid the time and hassle of managing paper document exhibits.

In addition, we know that court reporters typically have long standing relationships with law firms and can be instrumental in introducing new technologies in the deposition process.
court reporter reseller program

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So today we have launched AgileLaw's Court Reporter Reseller Program designed for court reporting firms looking for new, innovative service offerings that make a difference for their clients. Our paperless deposition solution goes hand-in-hand with existing litigation services offered by court reporting firms, providing law firms the ability to prepare for and conduct more productive and efficient depositions.

Benefits of the AgileLawCourt Reporter Reseller Program

Benefits to Attorneys

  • Now attorneys can purchase AgileLaw through the same organization they are using for other litigation services

  • Attorneys now have a partner to help in the initial setup and support of paperless depositions

Benefits to Court Reporting Firms

  • Innovative new service offering that saves attorneys time and money while increasing the effectiveness of depositions

  • Elimination of the time and hassle of managing paper documents

We believe court reporting firms will be instrumental in driving the adoption of paperless depositions and we are excited about this new partner program that benefits both attorneys and court reporters in the process. Visit for more information about our Court Reporter Reseller Program.


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